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wp_list_filter ( $list, $args = array(), $operator = 'AND' )
Parâmetros: (3)
  • (array) $list An array of objects to filter.
    Required: Yes
  • (array) $args Optional. An array of key => value arguments to match against each object. Default empty array.
    Required: No
    Padrão: array()
  • (string) $operator Optional. The logical operation to perform. 'AND' means all elements from the array must match. 'OR' means only one element needs to match. 'NOT' means no elements may match. Default 'AND'.
    Required: No
    Padrão: 'AND'
  • (array) Array of found values.
Definido em:
Log de mudanças:
  • 4.7.0

Filters a list of objects, based on a set of key => value arguments.


function wp_list_filter( $list, $args = array(), $operator = 'AND' ) {
	if ( ! is_array( $list ) ) {
		return array();

	$util = new WP_List_Util( $list );
	return $util->filter( $args, $operator );