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Core User Role & Capabilities API

Function Short description
add_roleAdd role, if it does not exist.
author_canWhether the author of the supplied post has a specific capability.
current_user_canWhether the current user has a specific capability.
current_user_can_for_blogWhether the current user has a specific capability for a given site.
get_roleRetrieve role object.
get_super_adminsRetrieve a list of super admins.
grant_super_adminGrants Super Admin privileges.
is_super_adminDetermine if user is a site admin.
map_meta_capMap meta capabilities to primitive capabilities.
remove_roleRemove role, if it exists.
revoke_super_adminRevokes Super Admin privileges.
user_canWhether a particular user has a specific capability.
wp_maybe_grant_install_languages_capFilters the user capabilities to grant the 'install_languages' capability as necessary.
wp_maybe_grant_resume_extensions_capsFilters the user capabilities to grant the 'resume_plugins' and 'resume_themes' capabilities as necessary.
wp_rolesRetrieves the global WP_Roles instance and instantiates it if necessary.