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apply_filters( 'wp_resource_hints', $urls, $relation_type )
Parâmetros: (2)
  • (array) $urls { Array of resources and their attributes, or URLs to print for resource hints. @type array|string ...$0 { Array of resource attributes, or a URL string. @type string $href URL to include in resource hints. Required. @type string $as How the browser should treat the resource (`script`, `style`, `image`, `document`, etc). @type string $crossorigin Indicates the CORS policy of the specified resource. @type float $pr Expected probability that the resource hint will be used. @type string $type Type of the resource (`text/html`, `text/css`, etc). } }
    Required: Yes
  • (string) $relation_type The relation type the URLs are printed for. One of 'dns-prefetch', 'preconnect', 'prefetch', or 'prerender'.
    Required: Yes
Definido em:

Filters domains and URLs for resource hints of the given relation type.


$urls = apply_filters( 'wp_resource_hints', $urls, $relation_type );