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rest_{$this->post_type}_collection_params ›

apply_filters( "rest_{$this->post_type}_collection_params", $query_params, $post_type )
Parâmetros: (2)
  • (array) $query_params JSON Schema-formatted collection parameters.
    Required: Yes
  • (WP_Post_Type) $post_type Post type object.
    Required: Yes
Definido em:

Filter collection parameters for the posts controller.

The dynamic part of the filter $this->post_type refers to the post type slug for the controller.

This filter registers the collection parameter, but does not map the collection parameter to an internal WPQuery parameter. Use the `rest{$this->post_type}_query` filter to set WP_Query parameters.


return apply_filters( "rest_{$this->post_type}_collection_params", $query_params, $post_type );