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rest_request_after_callbacks ›

apply_filters( 'rest_request_after_callbacks', $response, $handler, $request )
Parâmetros: (3)
  • (WP_HTTP_Response|WP_Error) $response Result to send to the client. Usually a WP_REST_Response or WP_Error.
    Required: Yes
  • (array) $handler Route handler used for the request.
    Required: Yes
  • (WP_REST_Request) $request Request used to generate the response.
    Required: Yes
Definido em:

Filters the response immediately after executing any REST API callbacks.

Allows plugins to perform any needed cleanup, for example, to undo changes made during the {@see 'rest_request_before_callbacks'} filter.

Note that this filter will not be called for requests that fail to authenticate or match to a registered route.

Note that an endpoint's permission_callback can still be called after this filter - see rest_send_allow_header().


$response = apply_filters( 'rest_request_after_callbacks', $response, $handler, $request );