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Post revision functions.

Function Short description
wp_delete_post_revisionDeletes a revision.
wp_get_latest_revision_id_and_total_countReturns the latest revision ID and count of revisions for a post.
wp_get_post_autosaveRetrieves the autosaved data of the specified post.
wp_get_post_revisionGets a post revision.
wp_get_post_revisionsReturns all revisions of specified post.
wp_get_post_revisions_urlReturns the url for viewing and potentially restoring revisions of a given post.
wp_is_post_autosaveDetermines if the specified post is an autosave.
wp_is_post_revisionDetermines if the specified post is a revision.
wp_restore_post_revisionRestores a post to the specified revision.
wp_revisions_enabledDetermines whether revisions are enabled for a given post.
wp_revisions_to_keepDetermines how many revisions to retain for a given post.
wp_save_post_revisionCreates a revision for the current version of a post.
_set_previewSets up the post object for preview based on the post autosave.
_show_post_previewFilters the latest content for preview from the post autosave.
_wp_get_post_revision_versionGets the post revision version.
_wp_post_revision_dataReturns a post array ready to be inserted into the posts table as a post revision.
_wp_post_revision_fieldsDetermines which fields of posts are to be saved in revisions.
_wp_preview_post_thumbnail_filterFilters post thumbnail lookup to set the post thumbnail.
_wp_preview_terms_filterFilters terms lookup to set the post format.
_wp_put_post_revisionInserts post data into the posts table as a post revision.
_wp_upgrade_revisions_of_postUpgrades the revisions author, adds the current post as a revision and sets the revisions version to 1.