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Deprecated pluggable functions from past WordPress versions. You shouldn't use these functions and look for the alternatives instead. The functions will be removed in a later version.

Function Short description
get_currentuserinfoPopulate global variables with information about the currently logged in user.
get_userdatabyloginRetrieve user info by login name.
get_user_by_emailRetrieve user info by email.
set_current_userChanges the current user by ID or name.
wp_clearcookieClears the authentication cookie, logging the user out. This function is deprecated.
wp_get_cookie_loginGets the user cookie login. This function is deprecated.
wp_loginChecks a users login information and logs them in if it checks out. This function is deprecated.
wp_setcookieSets a cookie for a user who just logged in. This function is deprecated.