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Multisite WordPress API

Function Short description
add_existing_user_to_blogAdds a user to a blog based on details from maybe_add_existing_user_to_blog().
add_new_user_to_blogAdds a newly created user to the appropriate blog
add_user_to_blogAdds a user to a blog, along with specifying the user's role.
check_upload_mimesChecks an array of MIME types against a list of allowed types.
domain_existsChecks whether a site name is already taken.
filter_sslFormats a URL to use https.
fix_phpmailer_messageidCorrects From host on outgoing mail to match the site domain.
force_ssl_contentDetermines whether to force SSL on content.
get_active_blog_for_userGets one of a user's active blogs.
get_blog_countGets the number of active sites on the installation.
get_blog_id_from_urlGets a blog's numeric ID from its URL.
get_blog_permalinkGets the permalink for a post on another blog.
get_blog_postGets a blog post from any site on the network.
get_current_siteGets the current network.
get_most_recent_post_of_userGets a user's most recent post.
get_sitestatsGets the network's site and user counts.
get_space_allowedReturns the upload quota for the current blog.
get_space_usedReturns the space used by the current site.
get_subdirectory_reserved_namesRetrieves a list of reserved site on a sub-directory Multisite installation.
get_upload_space_availableDetermines if there is any upload space left in the current blog's quota.
is_email_address_unsafeChecks an email address against a list of banned domains.
is_upload_space_availableDetermines if there is any upload space left in the current blog's quota.
is_user_spammyDetermines whether a user is marked as a spammer, based on user login.
maybe_add_existing_user_to_blogAdds a new user to a blog by visiting /newbloguser/{key}/.
maybe_redirect_404Corrects 404 redirects when NOBLOGREDIRECT is defined.
newblog_notify_siteadminNotifies the network admin that a new site has been activated.
newuser_notify_siteadminNotifies the network admin that a new user has been activated.
redirect_this_siteEnsures that the current site's domain is listed in the allowed redirect host list.
remove_user_from_blogRemoves a user from a blog.
signup_nonce_checkProcesses the signup nonce created in signup_nonce_fields().
signup_nonce_fieldsAdds a nonce field to the signup page.
update_blog_publicUpdates this blog's 'public' setting in the global blogs table.
update_network_option_new_admin_emailSends a confirmation request email when a change of network admin email address is attempted.
update_posts_countUpdates a blog's post count.
upload_is_file_too_bigChecks whether an upload is too big.
upload_size_limit_filterFilters the maximum upload file size allowed, in bytes.
users_can_register_signup_filterDetermines whether users can self-register, based on Network settings.
welcome_user_msg_filterEnsures that the welcome message is not empty. Currently unused.
wpmu_activate_signupActivates a signup.
wpmu_create_blogCreates a site.
wpmu_create_userCreates a user.
wpmu_log_new_registrationsLogs the user email, IP, and registration date of a new site.
wpmu_new_site_admin_notificationNotifies the Multisite network administrator that a new site was created.
wpmu_signup_blogRecords site signup information for future activation.
wpmu_signup_blog_notificationSends a confirmation request email to a user when they sign up for a new site. The new site will not become active until the confirmation link is clicked.
wpmu_signup_userRecords user signup information for future activation.
wpmu_signup_user_notificationSends a confirmation request email to a user when they sign up for a new user account (without signing up for a site at the same time). The user account will not become active until the confirmation link is clicked.
wpmu_validate_blog_signupProcesses new site registrations.
wpmu_validate_user_signupSanitizes and validates data required for a user sign-up.
wpmu_welcome_notificationNotifies the site administrator that their site activation was successful.
wpmu_welcome_user_notificationNotifies a user that their account activation has been successful.
wp_delete_signup_on_user_deleteDeletes an associated signup entry when a user is deleted from the database.
wp_is_large_networkDetermines whether or not we have a large network.
wp_maybe_update_network_site_countsUpdates the count of sites for the current network.
wp_maybe_update_network_user_countsUpdates the network-wide users count.
wp_network_admin_email_change_notificationSends an email to the old network admin email address when the network admin email address changes.
wp_schedule_update_network_countsSchedules update of the network-wide counts for the current network.
wp_update_network_countsUpdates the network-wide counts for the current network.
wp_update_network_site_countsUpdates the network-wide site count.
wp_update_network_user_countsUpdates the network-wide user count.