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Functions related to registering and parsing blocks.

Function Short description
block_versionReturns the current version of the block format that the content string is using.
do_blocksParses dynamic blocks out of `post_content` and re-renders them.
excerpt_remove_blocksParses blocks out of a content string, and renders those appropriate for the excerpt.
filter_block_contentFilters and sanitizes block content to remove non-allowable HTML from parsed block attribute values.
filter_block_ksesFilters and sanitizes a parsed block to remove non-allowable HTML from block attribute values.
filter_block_kses_valueFilters and sanitizes a parsed block attribute value to remove non-allowable HTML.
get_comment_delimited_block_contentReturns the content of a block, including comment delimiters.
get_dynamic_block_namesReturns an array of the names of all registered dynamic block types.
has_blockDetermine whether a $post or a string contains a specific block type.
has_blocksDetermine whether a post or content string has blocks.
parse_blocksParses blocks out of a content string.
register_block_styleRegisters a new block style.
register_block_typeRegisters a block type.
render_blockRenders a single block into a HTML string.
serialize_blockReturns the content of a block, including comment delimiters, serializing all attributes from the given parsed block.
serialize_blocksReturns a joined string of the aggregate serialization of the given parsed blocks.
serialize_block_attributesGiven an array of attributes, returns a string in the serialized attributes format prepared for post content.
strip_core_block_namespaceReturns the block name to use for serialization. This will remove the default "core/" namespace from a block name.
unregister_block_styleUnregisters a block style.
unregister_block_typeUnregisters a block type.
_excerpt_render_inner_columns_blocksRender inner blocks from the `core/columns` block for generating an excerpt.
_restore_wpautop_hookIf do_blocks() needs to remove wpautop() from the `the_content` filter, this re-adds it afterwards, for subsequent `the_content` usage.